Home & Business Security
Alarms, Alerts and Camera Systems

We install the appropriate system from selected manufacturers for your home or business. Security is our guideline !!! Wired systems, wireless or Shabbat systems will be chosen according to your specific need. Systems controlled by Apps, systems controlling Relays (mini smart home) High quality network camera to work and be synchronized with the Alarm system & App.

These systems help us monitor the house, the business, the babysitter, the caretaker. Installed the cameras will allow viewing from any part of the globe. It will enable to go back months and see past recordings. We have a vast experience with these systems; “hidden” camera installations, outdoor cameras, indoor,audio, IP cameras, DVR, NVR and computer solutions.

This was our tailoring…Due to the great damages in water floods be it rain, faucets or a broken hose. We developed a system that will give you both ; online notice and will take action and STOP the water.

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